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Hector the Pug puppy at 8 weeks old



Hector the Pug puppy at 8 weeks old

Hector the Pug puppy at 8 weeks old scratching at his brand new collar

Hector the Pug puppy is not so sure about the collar that was just put around his neck


Hector the Pug puppy at 9 weeks old

Hector the Pug at 1 year old out and about. He loves car rides.


Meet Pau Ferro aka Froggy. He is a 1-year-old Pug. He loves to travel and camp along the Oregon coast. When at home in southern Oregon, where temperatures reach the triple digits in the summer, his favorite way to cool off is in his little swimming pool.



Froggy goes for a swim.


“This is Zeus (tan) and his big sister Hera (black). They are Pugs. They are 9 months old and inseparable! They will wait for each other everywhere. Hera has the Small Dog Syndrome to the fullest, but Zeus has the “I'm a lapdog” syndrome! Even though they are the same age, Zeus is 20 lbs. and Hera is 10 lbs. They will eat anything you put in front of them except for the green Milk Bones! They are my children. It's just a different experience having a Pug. They are so wound up that it is so hard not to fall in love. Yea, it looks like they ran into the back of a truck, but you can't honestly say that you don't find them adorable!!!”



pug1.jpg (13317 bytes)

This is a two-year-old female Pug named Tater Tot. 


This is Cowboy Cody.


This is 11-week-old Taffy. Taffy comes to work with her owner every day and her favorite thing is wrestling with the office puppy, a 16-week-old yellow Lab.

"I read about every small dog on your website before making the decision to get a Pug. And what a perfect choice! Thanks for the help.... Stephanie"

Taffy all grown up!


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