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11:11 Morning or Night

Animal Crossing New Horizons by Nintendo

The game character Aries living on the island of Orion standing next to a digital clock that reads 11:11 in front of her house

This may be considered a spoiler alert, but since it is just a hunch perhaps it does not qualify. Did you know if you walk up to a digital clock in your Animal Crossing game when the time says 11:11, while moving forward into the clock press the A button. You will hear a twang noise. That is when you know you captured the moment correctly. My hunch is, this brings you good luck of some sort. But be careful, if the clock changes to 11:12 and you hear the twang sound because your timing was off, I think it might give you the opposite. Bad luck. You can take that tip or leave it. I have no evidence that it is actually true.

The game character Aries next to a clock that reads 11:11 with a real digital clock behind the game with the numbers gone wildly out of time

Did you ever notice, when you try and take a picture of a digial clock the numbers pop in and out of view? I'm not sure exactly what that means, but it took a lot of shots to actually get the top picture on this page to show all of the numbers 11:11 (Eleven Eleven). It's like frequency gone wild!

The game character Aries next to a clock that reads 22:22 with a digital clock in front of a house with a scarecrow on the left

Here’s the million dollar question, does 22:22 have the same magic aspect? Maybe it's a double twin flame thing?

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