The words Dog Breed Info with the letter D inside of a black paw print
A banner that reads - What a Beautiful Face! Close up - The face of Spike the Bulldog. He is looking forward, his mouth is open and it looks like he is smiling. He has brown eyes and a symmetrical brindle face with a white body.

Spike the Bulldog

This section is what inspired the creation of the Dog Breed Information CenterĀ®, starting back in 1998. Why Spike?

A drawn photo of a heart. A drawn photo of a red heart.

With dogs come stories. This section is for just that: stories. Mainly, stories from our dog Spike, an English Bulldog. Now some people think Bulldogs aren't all that smart. I tend to wonder sometimes but usually I think he is intelligent...and just a little bullheaded. Like most dog owners though, I might be a little partial. Anyway here are just a few of the countless stories that I've recounted, with more to come. Enjoy! If you love dogs don't forget to visit the Dog Breed Information Center.

A logo that reads - Dog Breed Info - it has two pictures of Spike the Bulldog as a puppy on it.

Hear Spike Bark 1speaker

Hear Spike Bark 2speaker

Someone's at the Door!!