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Best Cozy Sim Game

Animal Crossing New Horizons by Nintendo

An Olde English Bulldogge, Chewie laying down with his head resting on a white Nintendo Switch game system with Sharon's game on the screen

One would think in this day and age there would be more handheld game systems available. But alas, with the exception of one's own smart phone or tablet such as the iPad or Samsung Galaxy, for example, which are lacking in the awesome old style game control and feel, the only real portable handheld game system worth owning is the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch accessories laying on a white towel

Out of the thousands of games available, my all time favorite thus far is the cozy sim-style game Animal Crossing, New Horizons. You are a character who moves onto your own island and are solely responsible for the island's upkeep and the happieness of the villagers, who happen to be talking animals. The game is loaded with comical facts about animals and wildlife, present and extinct.

There is a social media aspect. You can friend other players, visit each others islands, buying, trading or just socializing. Beware however, if you do not fully trust the visitor they do have the ability to stomp on your flowers or otherwise trash or steal from your island. If you want to play it safe, there is a dream feature with no risk to the player. You can upload a "dream" to the game, which is essentially a snapshot of your current island. Other players can then go into a dream and tour your island. This is a safe way of traveling and allowing travelers to visit. Visitors can do no harm to your actual island. While they can trash your island all they wish, the vandalism does not save to your actual game and the visitor can get their harmless aggression's out. Win win for both players.

While in the dream you can view the players bulletin board, talk to villagers and view the players unique creativity. Sometimes a work of art and other times a less attractive style, but that is for you to decide. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

As you advance in the game you can post your own custom designs and choose to share them with others if you desire. The Paradise Planning extension pack allows you to get a job as a home decorator and post your work online for others to tour.

I currently have two games going. You can visit the dreams.

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