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Dream Comment

Animal Crossing New Horizons by Nintendo

An Animal Crossing player talking to another player while visiting their island

When visiting a dream in the game Animal Crossing, I noticed that when talking with the Island owner, there comment often times simply says "Welcome", which is the default comment. So how does one go about changing their comment to something custome to their current mood or island theme?

The Animal Crossing player Aries looking at her Nook phone

Before uploading a dream I like to think of something new to say. Changing a comment is easy. Simply pull out your Nook phone and go to the passport app.

Press the A button on your Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch comment inside the passport that says Life's a pun with Chewie and Mia behind the game

Choose "Comment"

Add or change a comment inside your passport.

The comment only allows for 32 characters, so you might have to get crafty if you have something lengthy to say. For example skipping spaces and using capital letters to signify spacing.

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