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Pictures of Spike

Spike the Bulldog puppy is standing up against the side of a cardboard box, his head is slightly tilted to the right and he is looking forward. He has a white body, a brown brindle symmetrical pattern around each eye and his ears are up and out to the sides. He has big paws. His nose is pink with black on it.

Here are some miscellaneous pictures of Spike. Spike at 9 pounds and 11 weeks old—even then he was a mass of muscle.

Spike the Bulldog is laying down on a carpet chewing on a black hoof looking up.

Here's Spike at 4 months old chewing on something he probably shouldn't.

Close up - Spike the Bulldog puppy is laying on his right side looking forward.

From any angle this is one cute pup!

Spike the Bulldog is sleeping inside of a cardboard box with a cut out opening.

Every night Spike retreats to his favorite place. It may not look like much to you, but Spike thinks the world of it!