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How to Visit Other Players Dreams

Animal Crossing New Horizons by Nintendo

The character Sharon in the Animal Crossin game laying down ready to go into a dream

After unlocking the dream options you can start visiting other people's dreams. You have the option of going to the island by entering in the island name, or by typing the actual direct dream address. You can also ask Luna to surprise you with a random dream.

To Visit a Dream

Lay down in a bed inside your own home.

The game will ask you, "Should I get some sleep?"

Press the A button on your Switch

Choose, "Yeah, I want to sleep"

Luna, the lady who runs the dreamworld, will appear."

Choose, "I want to dream".

Luna will connect you to the internet and then ask you how she should prepare your dream. Your choices will be...

Search by Dream Address.

Search by island name.

Surprise me.

Revisit a dream.

After choosing yoru prefrence, Luna will guide you to the dream you are seeking.

To leave the dream simply return to the bed you woke up from. Luna will guide you back home and you will wake up inside your own home.

Luna the lady who runs the realm of dreams asking Aries if she wants to dream

Luna's name is derived from the relationship between getting a good nights rest and the moon. Unfortunately in real life some dreams leave you feeling like you didn't sleep a wink.

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