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Shooting Stars

Animal Crossing New Horizons by Nintendo

The game character Sharon wishing on a shooting star while standing ona beach

In the game Animal crossing New Horizons, from time to time you will notice at night there are shooting stars. You can hear them coming down from the sky with a musical jingling sound as they race towards earth. A shooting star is not actually a star, but a piece of an asteroid rock or other fragment that is floating around space. As the fragment enters the earths atmosphere, it creates friction which essentially catches it on fire. The fire is a newly formed energy source. Imagine if you could capture the energy coming down from the shooting star. Talk about power! But this is not an astrological website nor is it scientific based. This is about the game Animal Crossing, so let me get back to my point.

The game character Sharon wishing on a shooting star with the moon appearing to be next to her head

If your game character does not have any tools or objects in his or her hands and you see or hear a shooting star, press the right joystick in the upward position to view the sky and press the A button. This will prompt you to wish upon that shooting star and since it is an energy source, who knows, maybe you might even have your wish granted.

The game character Sharon looking down at an Aries star fragment

The next day when you turn on your game there will be glowing star fragments along the beach. The more stars you wish upon the more fragments there will be. The fragments are used in Do it Yourself (DIY) recipes that often times have a magic aspect to them such as the floating asteroid. Some of the glowing fragments are associated with the astrological signs, while others are simply labeled large or small star fragments.

The game character Sharon wishing on a shooting star as a present floats by her head

Sometimes a floating present will fly by and you have to decide to either wish on your star or grab your slingshot and shoot down the balloon. But always remember, you cannot wish on a shooting star while you are holding an object. The choice is yours.

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