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Power-ups and the Toilet

Animal Crossing New Horizons by Nintendo

Aries on the island of Orion wearing a robot hero tee holding a shovel next to a tree

One of the great things about this cozy sim game is the amount of control you have to create an island of your dreams. This includes moving trees and relocating rocks. To move a tree simply eat some type of food to give yourself a power-up and dig it up with your shovel. Find where you would like to put the tree and dig a hole. While still holding the shovel plant the tree in the new location.

You have less control over relocating the rocks that produce stone, iron, clay and gold, but it can be done. If you want to relocate a rock, while possessing a power-up hit it with a shovel or an axe. The rock will totally smash into peices leaving you with one gray stone. In a day or two the rock will magicly reappear in another random spot on the island. It is a gamble where the rock will reappear, but you can always smash it again and take your chances. If you do not like the location, repeate until you are satisfied with the results.

Aries standing next to a blue toilet at the campground on the island of Orion

Be careful with the excess power-ups that you have stored inside yourself as they limit your self control and could backfire on you. For example, if you want to harvest stone, iron, clay and gold, hitting the rock with a power-up will totally smash the rock to the point where it will disappear and leave you with a single gray stone.

Aries sitting on a blue toilet at the campground on the island of Orion

It is wise to never walk around with extra power-ups or you may inadvertently sabotage your agenda for the day. So just how do you get rid of your excess energy? There are a couple ways. You could go around digging up random trees and replanting them until you deplete yourself of the energy. What some may not know is, there is another way. If you sit on a toilet all of your excess power-ups will disappear. When you hop off the toilet it auto flushes, which is a perk.

Aries sitting on a blue toilet next to a waterfall at the campground on the island of Orion

It does make sense. Food gives you energy. Not all food can be processed and your excess waste that the body cannot use goes into a toilet. This is the same concept. So next time you want to smash some rocks to acquire some materials and you have too much energy that you cannot control, just sit on a toilet.

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