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Animals Unknown

Mystery Solved! The unknown rodent is an agouti. Thank you DeAnna.

The back right side of a brown Agouti that is sitting on grass. It has a face like a rat and a long brown body.

This large rodent was spotted in Mexico.

The side view of a agouti walking on grass. It has a body that looks like a rat.

Comments about the above Unknown Animal

Someone emailed in suggesting this was a Squrat (half squirrel/half rat), however I was unable to find another picture of a squrat online to compare it with besides stuffed toys from the movie Ice Age. Squirrels and rats both have tails and the creature above does not have a tail. This creature almost looks like a cross between a squirrel and a guinea pig, however I believe this is a real species of animal not a cross. Just not sure what type yet.

**Mystery Solved: this is not a squrat, it’s an agouti**