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My Apartment Puppy—First Dog Park Experience

A little tiny white with black fluffy dog walking next to a large Labrador Retriever

Now that Zip is over 4 months old, the age where all of her shots are administered making it safe for her to travel where other dogs frequent, and the weather has lightened up a bit we were off to the dog park for some socializing.

A large brown Labrador following a small fluffy white and black puppy

While there were about 10 big dogs in the large breed area, Zippy was the only small dog in the toy breed area. A large chocolate Lab named Callie that was known to be good with small dogs came over to play with her. This was the first dog Zippy met off leash in this type of setting. At first Zip was shy.

A little white long haired dog following a large breed dog

She soon warmed up and started to follow the Lab.

A large Chocolate Labrador Retriever walking over to a small Poodle mix puppy A little toy sized Shih-Poo puppy starting to play with a large Labrador

Than Zip started playing with Callie.

A little toy sized dog looking up at a big Labrador Retriever

She decided she really liked that big brown dog.

A toy breed watching the big dogs over on the large dog park play area

Zippy got curious about the dogs on the other side of the fence and started to watch them.

A little toy breed puppy sniffing Brittany Spaniel through a fence

Then she got brave and said hello through the fence.

Dogs at a dog park saying hi through a fence

Callie came over to say hello too.

Two toy sized dogs sniffing noses at a dog park

Later that same day another little dog, Tigger the Yorkie mix showed up to play with her.

A little white and black poodle mix following a yorkie mix at a dog park

Turned out to be a great first dog park experience.