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My Apartment Puppy—Settling In

Zippy the Shih-Poo, Shih Tzu / Mini Poodle mix puppy

Settling in requires establishing some type of routine that works for both of us. I guess we shall just go with the flow and see where fate leads us.

Zippy the white and black Shih-Poo puppy sleeping on the bed under the covers

I’ve succumb to the little dog lifestyle. I wanted a non shedding dog to allow them on my couch to watch TV and to sleep on my bed at night. Zippy cried in her cage and we were just out for potty time so she was lonely. No time like the present to train her to sleep on the bed. Please just don’t pee.

If you generaly follow the leadership philosophy you can still establish yourself as the leader even if you allow a dog on the furniture. It is not always exacly what you do, but how you project yourself.

A white and black long haired puppy laying down on a human bed

She settled right in with her wagging tail hitting me in the face. I decided a good way to judge when to take her out is when I myself have to pee and I’ll be darn at 4:26am it was time for us both to go.

A white toilet in a bathroom

I was easy.

A couple elevator doors in a hallway A person pushing an elevator button while holding a fluffy white puppy

Her not so much.

A little white puppy with black on her head drinking water

I was also thirsty and it seemed only fair to offer her water as well. Oh please don’t pee on my bed before I get a chance to teach you what outside means. Maybe the water will help stimulate her to pee quickly. Or maybe it would send us outside an additional time in the middle of the night. Or both.

A little fluffy puppy standing unhappy in snow

Not too happy about cold feet.

A little white and black puppy pooping in the snow

Success, she peed fairly quickly. Maybe it was the water.

A longhaired black and white puppy standing on a sidewalk with her paw in the air surrounded by snow

Definitely does not like cold feet. She does like to be carried and she asked to be picked up.

A girl wearing a pink hat holding a little fluffy white and black puppy outside in the winter time

Me and this pup are gonna get along just fine, even at 4:00am.

A little white and black puppy pooping in the snow

5:41am zippy was trying to walk to the foot of the bed. Maybe she has to poop? She has not gone number 2 since I adopted her. Time to go back out. Yep, she had to poop. So she was trying to walk to the foot of the bed to get her business done. Hopefully I am a light sleeper. I shall find out.

A girl wearing pink PJs standing in a bathroom holding a little fluffy puppy while taking a selfie in the mirror

Good morning little puppy.

A little thick coated white and black puppy eating food from a bowel

6:06am, time to eat breakfast.