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My Apartment Puppy—Zippy Meets Mia and Chewie

A black Olde English Bulldogge smelling a Shih Poo puppy.

Zippy and I visit the farm where Zip meets Chewie the Olde English Bulldogge and Mia the American Bully for the first time. When I first arrived and opened up the back hatch of my Jeep, as usual, Chewie jumped in. This time however, there was a bit of a shocker surprise for him. A crate with a dog in it! Chewie froze.

A large Black bulldog in the back of a blue Jeep in front of a crate that has a small doodle puppy in it

Zippy, the normally quiet puppy, let out a bark for the first time. I had never heard her bark before. She was not so sure about the forwardness of that Bulldog all up in her face and she was not shy about telling him. Chewie, being a Bulldog may not have even noticed her apprehension.

A black and white large bulldog smelling a red crate that has a small white doodle puppy in it

Chewie started smelling around the crate. He was very excited. Zippy was unsure. What was that thing out there!

A long haired girl wearing a black trench coat holding a small white and black puppy next to a large black with white Olde English Bulldogge

I got Zip out of her crate. At first she snuggled into my neck.

A large black bulldog smelling a little white puppy that a girl is holding with a American Bully next to them

Then she decided to bark at him again. I told her to quiet down. It's just Chewie.

A fluffy little Shih Poo puppy being held by a girl with an American Bully and a Bulldog standing next to them

Chewie gave her the sniff once over again as Mia watched from a distance.

A little Shih Poo doodle being held by a girl with long hair with a Bully and a Bulldog in front of them

Mia came over to say hello. I was afraid to put Zip down because Chewie was so excited he might step on her. I will bring her over again soon. Maybe they can all be friends.