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My Apartment Puppy—Chewie and Mia - Second Encounter

A large black and white bulldog sitting down watching a toy sized dog play bow at him.

Zippy the Shih-Poo puppy meet up with Mia and American Bully and Chewie the Olde English Bulldogge for the second time.

A large Bulldog watching a small dog roll on her back

At first Zippy rolled over, belly-up in a submissive pose.

A large Olde English Bulldogge laying down looking at a little Shih-Tzu Poodle mix

When she determined that Chewie did not want to hurt her, she decided to play. This time she was not in a cage and she started a play session, as best as that works when the dogs are on a leash.

A large Bulldog face to face with a little white fluffy toy dog wearing a purple coat

Chewie was a good Bulldog, he layed down at the little dog's level as best he could.

A gray American Bully looking at a small dog who is wearing a purple jacket

While Mia did not want to play, she didn't want to fight either.

A bulldog play bowing at a little dog while a Bully watches from a distance

She kept her distance while Chewie continued to be amused at the way the little dog was running circles around him.

An American Bully wide eyed at two dogs playing

Mia was not sure what to think when Zippy started living up to her name.

A Bulldog, a Bully and a toy sized doodle poo outside

Meanwhile, Zippy and Chewie were into an all out leash play.

A Bulldog with his face smooshed against a toy dog in a play session as a gray bully watches from behind

If we ever get the opportunity, I think I would now let Zippy off leash with them. She would do well and I don't think Chewie would step on her. She is too quick and cautious.

A little dog zipping around a large bulldog

I am looking forward to taking Zippy to the dog park.