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Barger Stock Feist

Information and Pictures

The right side of a brown Barger Stock Feist Dog that is wearing a red bandana. It is standing up on its hind legs, trying to catch an animal which is up a tree

Photo courtesy of Bill Barger, owner/founder of Barger Stock Feist




The Barger Stock Feist is an excellent, hunting, working game dog.

Height, Weight

Height: 15-18 inches (38-46 cm)

Weight: 20-35 pounds (9-16 kg)

Health Problems


Living Conditions

The Barger Stock Feist will do okay in an apartment if they get plenty of chances to be outdoors. They are very active indoors and a small yard will be sufficient.


When not hunting, this breed needs to be taken on a daily long walk or jog.

Life Expectancy

About 10-12 years

Litter Size

About 4-6 puppies


The Barger Stock Feist is easy to groom. An occasional combing and brushing to remove dead hair is all it needs.






DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.