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Raising Puppies at Seven Weeks Old

Puppy laying on a floatie board in a swimming pool next to a boy

At seven weeks old, the pups go for their first swim. Supervision is a must when pups this young are swimming for the first time. Mastiffs do not swim well, so we always keep one hand under the belly. This is done as a socializing exercise—to make them know they can survive anything, and trust us.

Puppy swimming in a swimming pool next to a boy Puppy outside in a small pool which is inside of an x-pen with a boy

It was a hot day and the pups enjoyed cooling off in the little pool.

Puppy getting out of a pool Puppies under an umbrella eating out of a food bowl

If puppies are going to spend time outdoors during the summer months, shade is a MUST!

Puppies outside laying in the shade, inside of an x-pen Close Up - Puppy with a Fluffy Coat and A Puppy with a smooth coat

See the difference in coat types between these two Mastiff pups from the same litter, from smooth to soft and fluffy.

Courtesy of MistyTrails Mastiffs

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