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Newborn pups

What you need... and what you need to do... Whelping and Raising Puppies

Three puppies nursing from their dam with the breeder helpiing them latch on

A phone, and LOTS of coffee :)

Three sources of heat...

Close Up - A room heater

A room heater

Close Up - A heat lamp

A heat lamp

Pups in two different bins

Pups are kept in bins when not with the dam. If you do not have a good dam that is 100% trustworthy with the pups, taking into consideration not only her temperament, but her size and the strain of delivery, then the pups should be kept safe and separate, and given to mom every couple hours under supervision. Pups cannot be left alone with some dams.

Two heating pads under the puppy bins

Two heating pads under the puppy bins, placed at one END of the bins, heating only.

The heating pads should only be around half of the bin, so the pups can move off the source of heat if they are too warm. You do not want it too warm, or you can constipate, dehydrate, or cook the puppies. The heating pad can NEVER EVER be INSIDE the bin.

The Dam with the puppies and a person sleeping next to them

One hundred percent supervision while the dam has the pups. Stay with them, sleep with them, etc.

Puppy in a towel, in a bucket, being weighed

Puppies must be weighed daily to mark their progress. For pups that all look basically the same, you must keep track of which is which by color-coding their collars. I can tell the difference in pups, but my helpers cannot, and HELP is vitally important.

Emily (the girl) weighing puppies near the dam with a boy next to her

Emily is a HUGE help, weighing them all for me and putting the slower gainers on first, then she logs the weight gain in her book, and subtracts the birth weight. This is an AWESOME educational activity for the kids, and gets them involved, PLUS exercises their minds on the math skills.

Emily (the Girl) taking a log of the puppies weight

Emily logging the puppies’ weights; each puppy has its own page.

Kayden (the Boy) feeding Sassy the English Mastiff Dam

Kayden's job is to keep Sassy in treats and assist Emily. Sassy thinks Kayden's job is very important, more important than whatever Emily is doing (grin).

Kayden (the Boy) giving Sassy the English Mastiff a hug

Kayden also provides Sassy with that all-important Love and Attention! YES! Sassy definitely loves Kayden’s job.

Kayden (the Boy) cuddling with Sassy the English Mastiff

Oh no, I don't think Sassy the English Mastiff is lacking in the love department!

Close Up - Kayden (the Boy) resting his face on top of Sassy's head Emily (the Girl) Giving Sassy the English Mastiff a kiss

And when all is done, everyone kisses and hugs goodbye.

That took over an hour.... WE will be BACK to repeat very, very soon.

Courtesy of MistyTrails Mastiffs

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