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Whelping and Raising Puppies

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The following pictures are courtesy of MistyTrails Havanese.

Pearl the Havanese Dam sitting in grass

Pearl the Havanese dam

Pearl the Havanese Dam and Tux the Havanese Stud outside on grass

Pearl, bred to Tux

Dam in the arms of a person exposing full term stomach

Full-term dam

Dam in closet on blanket preparing to give birth

It HAD to be the closet…!

Second Puppy presenting itself

She had six puppies in just over an hour, after procrastinating labor all morning till mid-afternoon. The first pup was most difficult; LOTS of green, born blue, but revived quickly and easily. This is a picture of the second born. We could not get pictures of the first puppy, as she needed to be assisted (pulled out) and revived.

Second Puppy laying next to dam Close Up - Second Dam

Puppy’s first breath—puppies are born without much color; after a few breaths, this puppy will pink right up.

Third Puppy presenting itself

The whelping was well documented with these excellent photos.

Third Puppy presenting itself further Third Puppy Halfway out Fourth Puppy presenting itself Close Up - Fourth Puppy presenting itself

This puppy is presenting himself in breech, which is not abnormal, but with a larger puppy, it does make him harder to get out. Pearl (the dam) had to work on this one a bit; he kept going in and out.

Close Up - The paws of the Puppy are seen through the sack The paws of the Puppy are seen through the emerging sack The Puppy in the sack horn is beginning to stretch its way out Puppy being born Backwards
A person assissting the dam with pushing

Gentle pulls during each contraction helps the dam, As long as the pup comes out a little bit more with each contraction, you do not need to assist. But if the dam were to push and push on this puppy without progress, then YES, it is time to pull (toward the dam’s belly button).

The backend of the Puppy is out now The Puppy continues to come out backwards A lady cleaning the newborn pup Close Up - Lady cleaning the newborn pup Two newborn Pups laying on the carpet

Two female puppies

Four Newborn pups laying on the carpet

Four male puppies

Two newborn Pups laying side by sideNewborn Pup being picked up by a person


Three of the Pups Ten weeks later

Ten weeks later

Pup Ten weeks later

Ten-week-old puppy

Pup at Six months

Pup at six months old

Pups at six months playing outside

The pups at six months old, photo submitted by Sharon.

Five month old pup playing around outside

The third white pup shown here at five months old

Seven Month Old Havanese Pup sitting in a lawn chair with its mouth open and tongue out

Lady at seven months old, from the Pearl–Tux litter

Two Havanese Puppies sharing a lawn chair

Lady at 7 months old with Tux.

Whelping and Raising Puppies Picture Pages

If you have pictures of your dam giving birth that you would like to share, send them in!

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