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Cuban Mysti Puppies: Labor Story Page 4

Dam Nursing Puppies

One-Day-Old Puppies

Give your dam a nice bath. She will likely spend the entire day in the box. You may have to feed her in the box, as some dams just don't want to come out. Keep her in a back room, in a nice and quiet area where she won’t be disturbed.

The Puppies are spread out with a couple nursing and some further away

This is a sign of a content litter. They are spread out, so this means they are warm enough. They are not crying, so their tummies are full. This is good.

Close Up - A Puppy laying in the corner by itself Puppies back to nursing

The dam is content and happy, sleeping while her puppies nurse.

Close up - Dam sleeping

Dam sleeping

Close Up - Puppies Nursing

One-day-old nursing puppies

Puppies nursing and there tails have different color marks on them

When tails go up and wag, they are nursing contently.

Dam watching all the puppies nurse
Close Up - Puppies nursing

Even if you do not give your dam a full bath, give her a butt bath and clean the vulva and anus area. The pups will often latch on to her vulva so you want her to be clean in those areas.

See the puppies grow up!

Courtesy of MistyTrails Havanese

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