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The Adventures of Bruno the Boxer and Spencer the Pit Bull

Tricks for Steak

A white plate a third full of steak being dumped onto a larger plate full of steak

Ok everyone make sure you save some steak for the puppies. Pass it on over for Bruno and Spencer! Doggie bag please. :)

Amie and Sara make Bruno the 6 year old Boxer and Spencer the 3 year old Pit Bull work to earn their doggie-bag steak that we brought home from a restaurant. Bruno was so excited he started doing the wrong tricks, but hey, a trick is a trick, right? Notice his nubby of a tail wagging. Watch Spencer's awesome army crawl.

Bruno the Boxer sitting and waving at Amie who is holding a piece of steak with a wall of shelves full of old vintage beer cans behind them

Bruno waving at Amie for a piece of steak.

Spencer the Pit Bull Terrier sitting and Bruno the Boxer is standing in front of Sara who has a styrofoam to go container full of Steak.

Spencer and Bruno waiting to hear what command Sara will give them for their treat.

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