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Bombay Cat

Information and Pictures

Close Up - Coco the Bombay Cat laying on a carpet and looking back at the camera with a pink and green cat ball toy next to her

"Coco loves to play, especially with balls that have bells in them. In the picture with the pink and green ball she’s actually attacking the string attached to my camera."


The body is supple and elongated yet robust.


TShort, close-lying and satiny.

Colors and Patterns

Coat is black. The eyes are either yellow or copper in color.


Named for the black leopards of India, the Bombay is a medium to large, graceful, quiet, stay-at-home companion.

Height, Weight


Health Problems


Living Conditions





United States

Outcross Breeds




Lilly the black cat sitting on a carpet

Lilly the Bombay cat—"She is very sweet and greets everyone at the door."

Lilly the black Bombay cat is stalking around on a bed

Lilly the Bombay cat

Coco the Bombay cat under a table with a golden cat toy

Coco the Bombay cat

Coco the Bombay cat sitting on a table and peering over the edge

Coco the Bombay cat