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Devon Rex Cat

Information and Pictures

Close Up - Milo the Devon Rex is sitting on a carpeted floor and looking toward the camera holder

This is a 3-year-old Devon Rex male named Milo. He is a silver and white tabby.


Distinctions are the head shape and large elfin ears. The medium body is long, slender and muscular.


The Devon Rex has soft, wavy fur.

Colors and Patterns

Comes in various coat colors with specific eye colors.


An intelligent, friendly, lively and curious cat.

Height, Weight


Health Problems


Living Conditions






Outcross Breeds




Dawson the Devon Rex cat is peering around a corner on a white tiled floor and looking at the camera holder

This is Dawson the Devon Rex cat.

Dawson the Devon Rex Cat is laying on a blue bean bag chair

Dawson resting on a beanbag chair

Milo the Devon Rex Cat is pawing at a bug on a tan carpeted floor

In this photo Milo is staring at a little bug that had somehow crawled into his owners’ room. They think that he later ate it.

Milo the Devon Rex Cat is rubbing against a wall with a tiny childs shoe in front of him

Milo the Devon Rex cat