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Egyptian Mau Cat

Information and Pictures

Sampson the Egyptian Mau kitten is sitting on a cat post in front of a door and looking at the camera holder

"This is my Egyptian Mau kitten named Sampson at 4 months old."


Forehead marked with "M" pattern.


The coat is silky, fine, dense and resilient.

Colors and Patterns

Colors include silver, bronze, and smoke. Eye color is gooseberry green.


Svelte, muscular, friendly with the family and aloof with strangers.

Height, Weight


Health Problems


Living Conditions





Egypt. The only naturally spotted breed, the Mau (meaning cat) descends from cats of ancient Pharaohs.



James the Egyptian Mau kitten is laying on a carpeted floor with a plush toy behind it and cloths in front of it with a metal chair in the background.

James stretching

James the Egyptian Mau kitten is laying on a dresser and there is a purple Gengar Plush Doll next to it