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Himalayan Cat

Information and Pictures

Carecatz Blue Chi a Himalayan Cat is sitting on a fuzzy white backdrop and its tail is hanging over the edge

Carecatz Blue Chip, a blue-point male at 8 months of age when photo was taken.


The Himalayan is short and rounded.


The Himalayan has a profuse, long, silky coat with color-point patterning.

Colors and Patterns

Colors include: various color points and the eyes are sapphire blue.



Height, Weight


Health Problems


Living Conditions



Combing this breed’s long coat is a must.


United States. Years of planning and selective breeding produced this beautiful, sweet-natured, exceptional mouser.

Outcross Breeds




Himalayan Kitten is sitting on a countertop in front of a vase with plants in it licking its nose

This is a Himalayan kitten.

Himalayan Cat is sitting in front of a white brick wall and looking back at the camera holder