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Tortoiseshell Cat

Information and Pictures

Dolly the Tortoise Shell Cat is laying on a carpeted floor and looking towards the camera holder

"Dolly the tortoiseshell chubby girl. She has the hugest princess complex I have seen and the funniest grumpy personality. She isn't mean, though and always lets me hold her upside-down as though she is a new born baby. She honestly thinks that she is a human and she will lie right in the middle of a high-traffic area and then grumpily growl at anyone who walks close to her. But she is also a real sweetie. Anytime I am upset or crying, she immediately comes to me. One time she even wrapped her little paws around my arm like she was hugging it when I was particularly upset. She is definitely a distinctive cat with an amazing personality."


The tortoiseshell has a low, rounded, massive body.


The coat is flowing, making an exquisite setting for the tortoiseshell pattern.  

Colors and Patterns

Coat colors include: black, red, cream-blue, cream and parti-color. The eyes are a brilliant copper color.


All the female tortoiseshell cats are known as excellent mothers and companions. 

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Ezmarelda the Tortoiseshell Cat is laying on a folder on a table in front of a boarded window and a quart of motor oil


Ezmarelda the Tortoiseshell Cat is laying on a carpet with a pair of work shoes behind it


Vina the Tortoiseshell cat is laying on a lot of rope and looking up to the camera holder


Close Up - Sheeba the Tortoiseshell Cat is laying down on a flowered couch


nayla the Tortoiseshell Cat is sitting in a brown cardboard box which is sitting on a green rug and looking up at the camera holder

Nayla, a 5-year-old tortoiseshell calico cat in a box.