The words Dog Breed Info with the letter D inside of a black paw print

A Child's Perspective

Kobe and Brady Dogs are laying on a wooden Couhc bed and looking down at a baby named Jake who is on the floor under a toy mobile mat

(Written by a 7-year-old grade-school girl—this is how she sees her two dogs.)

How Dogs Think

Every morning when my dogs wake up, they don't have a plan for that day. Their brains are like empty boxes or blank sheets of paper. As they go through their day, the box or the paper gets filled up with what they did. There are some things that they remember, like their names, or where to get food, and things like that, but when they sleep, some things fall out of the box, or pieces of paper, and when they wake up, the box or paper is empty again.

How do I know this? I thought of it—my brain is not an empty box or a blank sheet of paper!