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Deutscher Wachtelhund Pictures

(German Spaniel)

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Kaiser the Deutscher Wachtelhund is running through a snowy field with a dead animal in its mouth

Kaiser from OakRidge Kennels, owned by Dave Dyer, Chukar Hunt 2005

Bella the Deutscher Wachtelhund is sitting in front of a knealing man in a yellow hat who is in front of two dead deer

Bella from OakRidge Kennels on a successful blood trail, December 2004, owned by Dave Dyer

Kaiser the Deutscher Wachtelhund dog is sitting in the bed of a pick-up truck with two men wearing huntin gear with a dead coyote in front of them. There is a red gas can on the right side of the truck.

Kaiser from OakRidge Kennels successfully blood trails this arrowed coyote. Owned by Dave Dyer