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Deutscher Wachtelhund Pictures

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Kaiser the Deutscher Wachtelhund is running through a snowy field with a dead animal in its mouth

Kaiser from OakRidge Kennels, owned by Dave Dyer, Chukar Hunt 2005

Other Names
  • German Spaniel
Bella the Deutscher Wachtelhund is sitting in front of a knealing man in a yellow hat who is in front of two dead deer

Bella from OakRidge Kennels on a successful blood trail, December 2004, owned by Dave Dyer

Kaiser the Deutscher Wachtelhund dog is sitting in the bed of a pick-up truck with two men wearing huntin gear with a dead coyote in front of them. There is a red gas can on the right side of the truck.

Kaiser from OakRidge Kennels successfully blood trails this arrowed coyote. Owned by Dave Dyer

Whischo Vom Steinacher the Deutscher Wachtelhund dog is sitting in a field next to a dead dear. A man is leaning down next to the deer with his hand on top of the dog smiling, proud of their kill.

Whischo Vom Steinacher, owned by Dave Pepe, photo courtesy of Eagle River Kennels