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Eskapoo Pictures

American Eskimo Dog / Poodle Mixed Breed Dogs

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Close up head shot of a soft, silky cream-colored dog with round black eyes, a black nose and ears that hang to the sides with long hair on them

Ben is our beloved Eski-poo shown here at 1 year old. He sheds very minimally, is very quiet, well-behaved, calm, gentle, and intelligent. He has a puppy look, which many Eski-poos have.

Other Names
  • Eski-poo
  • Eskipoo
  • Eskimopoo
  • Eskimodoodle
  • Eskidoodle
  • Pookimo
Casey the wavy white Eskapoo is sitting on a carpet and is wearing a red plaid ribbon

Casey the Eskapoo at 3 years old with a red plaid ribbon around her neck.

Close Up - Kodiak the white Eskapoo is sitting in a house and looking up

Kodiak aka Kodi the Eskapoo at 10 months old

Scruffy the white and cream Eskapoo is next to a Christmas tree with a blue bandana that has a snowman on it around its neck

"Scruffy the 7-month-old Eskapoo puppy (American Eskimo Dog / Poodle mix). He has a good temper and is great with kids."