The words Dog Breed Info with the letter D inside of a black paw print

The Kitty Comics

A white with grey ragdoll cat is looking at a gumball fish tank with a Goldfish in it

"Hello there fish, you want to come out and play?"— Jules the Ragdoll Cat

A longhaired tiger cat in the arms of a person is wearing Harry Potter glasses

“Yo, buddy, what you lookin’ at?!”

A Cat is sitting in front of a rabbit with one of its front paws on the bunnys head while looking forward

“Now, now...calm down, bunny, things will look up for you soon.”

A tan with black Cat standing on the back of a fish tank looking back at the camera looking guilty. There is a Black with Brown Cat laying next to it A tan with black cat is getting into the back of a fish tank. There is a black with brown cat laying next to it

“Mom thinks I am just here for a drink, but as soon as that fish moves near the top, it's lunch!”

There is a medium-haired cat laying on the side of a tub with its back end going up the wall

Nothing like a good stretch!

A black with white and tan ragdoll cat is sitting on a couch with its bum flat on the bottom and its legs spread and a fluffy tail coming out from between the legs.

Here is Simba the cat. I come home from work and he's sitting on the couch waiting for me...just like Al Bundy!

A white with black cat is laying on a table and there is a yellow with green and white bird laying on the cats back

“Ahh...excuse me there bird, you do know that I am a CAT, don't you?”

A black with white cat is climbing an agility ladder in a grassy yard.

Sammy the Agility cat!