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Hairless Khala Pictures

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Two Hairless Khala dogs are standing in grass looking to the right.

Hairless Khalas in Bolivia

Other Names
  • Hairless Khala Medio
  • Hairless Khala Grande
  • Khala Grande
  • Khala Medio
  • Pila
  • Bolivian Khala
A Hairless Khala is standing in dirt looking to the left. The words - Khala 2 year old female - are overlayed

Photo courtesy of Casa Verdad Calata (House of the Naked Truth)

A Hairless Khala dog is wearing a white t-shirt looking to the left. There is a person behind it.

Hairless Khala in Bolivia

A black Hairless Khala dog is standing in rocks and looking out to a body of water

This dog is in Argentina, where the breed is sometimes called Pila.

Top Photo Right Profile - A Hairless Khala is standing in dirt with its tail up and there is a chain link fence behind it. Bottom Photo - A Hairless Khala is turning around in dirt. Its mouth is open and tongue is out

Imported (or brought in) to the US from Argentina.

A Hairless Khala is walking across dirt and in front of brown grass A Hairless Khala is standing in dirt and in front of a chain link fence. There is another Hairless Khala laying behind it. The words - KHALA Bolician import 'POTTERY' type male A Hairless Khala is standing in a mixture of dirt, rocks  and sand looking to the right. It has tufts of light green hair on its head, neck and back but is bald everywhere else.

Hairless Khala spotted roaming the streets of Mexico.