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Goose Hunting

Three men are holding 6 dead geese. A goose in each hand. In front of them is 10 more dead Geese laying on the ground.

Courtesy of MistyTrailsHavanese/Mastiff (our other interests)—"In order to go hunting in Canada on government or private land, we need to be approved and get a permit. We need to take a hunting course and have a valid hunting license as well. Not just anyone can go do this. We need a firearms acquisition permit. We need to provide a copy of our house insurance. They want the geese off the land, as they are destroying crops. Some private land owners just shoot them and bury them. We hunt, ethically harvest under our limit of geese, and we eat them all. If we do not hunt them, the ministry of environment kills the eggs. They used to destroy the eggs, but the geese will lay more. So now they go out and spray all the eggs; the eggs die and the goose sits on them but they never hatch."

Two men holding dead Geese are standing around a boy holding a dead goose. One man has his hand on the head of the boy

Courtesy of MistyTrails Havanese/Mastiff (our other interests)

Three men are holding a dead goose in each hand kneeling behind a line of dead geese with two guns over top of each other making an X on top of the pile of dead geese on the ground.

Courtesy of MistyTrails Havanese/Mastiff (our other interests)

Keeping Geese as Pets

Wild Goose

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