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List of Airedale Terrier Mix Breed Dogs

A brown and black soft looking, furry, medium-coated puppy with longer hair on her brown muzzle, a black nose and ears that fold up and over to the sides with a black saddle pattern on her back laying down on a cream and purple bed with stuffed toys next to her. The dog's eyes are brown and she is wearing a pink collar.

"This is Princess Telulah Bear. She is a 3-month-old purebred Airedale Terrier puppy who is the absolute joy of our lives, but I think that sometimes she forgets that she is a canine. ;-) She prefers to be carried like a baby (which she is getting way to heavy for) and she loves her log bed with her teddy bear and blankies!"

  • Airedale Terrier x Chihuahua mix = Chidale
  • Airedale Terrier x German Shepherd mix = Airedale Shepherd
  • Airedale Terrier x Golden Retriever mix = Goldendale
  • Airedale Terrier x Labrador Retriever mix = Lab'Aire
  • Airedale Terrier x Poodle mix = Airedoodle
  • Airedale Terrier x Schnauzer mix = Schnairedale
  • Airedale Terrier x Sealyham Terrier mix = Sealydale Terrier
Other Airedale Terrier Dog Breed Names
  • Airedale
  • Bingley Terrier
  • King of Terriers
  • Waterside Terrier