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List of English Mastiff Mix Breed Dogs

A large breed tan dog with a small head in comparison to the thick body, a long muzzle, a black nose, black lips, ears that fold down to the sides and a long tail laying down in grass.

"Jack the English Mastiff / German Shepherd mix breed dog at 2 years old weighing 130 pounds (58 kg). He has a very good temperament and plays well with people and other dogs. The other dog in the house is a Pug, who pushes him around."

  • Mastiff x American Bulldog mix = American Bandogge
  • Mastiff x American Bulldog mix = American Masti-Bull
  • Mastiff x American Stafforshire Terrier mix = Amstiff
  • Mastiff x Bernese Mountain Dog mix = Mountain Mastiff
  • Mastiff x Boston Terrier mix = Boston Mastiff Terrier
  • Mastiff x Boxer mix = Boxmas
  • Mastiff x Bulldog mix = Masti-Bull
  • Mastiff x Bullmastiff mix = Doubull-Mastiff
  • Mastiff x Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix = Mastapeake
  • Mastiff x Dogue de Bordeaux mix = Muscle Mastiff
  • Mastiff x French Bulldog mix = French Masti-Bull
  • Mastiff x German Shepherd mix = Mastiff Shepherd
  • Mastiff x Great Dane mix = Daniff
  • Mastiff x Great Pyrenees mix = Maspyr
  • Mastiff x Irish Wolfhound mix = Irish Mastiff
  • Mastiff x Labrador Retriever mix = Mastador
  • Mastiff x Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog mix = English Mastahoula
  • Mastiff x Neapolitan Mastiff mix = Englian Mastiff
  • Mastiff x Poodle mix = Mastidoodle
  • Mastiff x Presa Canario = English Presa Mastiff
  • Mastiff x Rottweiler mix = English Mastweiler
  • Mastiff x Saint Bernard mix = Saint Bermastiff
Other English Mastiff Breed Names
  • English Mastiff
  • Old English Mastiff