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List of Miniature Poodle Mix Breed Dogs

A medium sized small thick, curly coated tan dog with ears that hang down to the sides with long straight hair on them, a brown-black nose, dark round eyes wearing a pink collar sitting down in grass in front of a green plant and a tan privacy fence.

"I wanted to share a photo of Lucille, our Miniature Schnoodle. She is a cross between a Miniature Poodle and a Miniature Schnauzer. We bought her from a breeder of Schnoodles. She is ten years old and still acts like a puppy! She is conveniently sized, light, graceful, athletic, and agile. Her coat is curly like a poodle, but feels more wiry than most poodle coats. Her face is also whiskery. She is a beautiful white and cream color. She absolutely loves all other animals and gets along with everyone!"

Other Miniature Poodle Dog Breed Names
  • Barbone
  • Barboncino Miniatura
  • Caniche
  • Carniche Moyen
  • Chien Canne
  • French Poodle
  • Pudle
  • Zwergpudel