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List of Toy Poodle Mix Breed Dogs

A small long coated tan dog with long hair flowing off of his head, round dark eyes, a black nose and his pink tongue hanging out standing on a couch. There is less hair on the dogs legs and more hair on his head and neck.

"This is a picture of "Champ" at 14 years old. He passed away at 15. To the end, he loved playing fetch and playing hide-n-seek. Champ brought tremendous love and laughter to my family. He was more on the Chihuahua side than toy poodle. He had a mix of the Chi and Poodle hair which left his hair more frizzy than straight or curly! He had many bad hair days. This picture was taken after a trip to the groomers."

Other Toy Poodle Breed Names
  • Barbone
  • Caniche
  • Chien Canne
  • French Poodle
  • Pudle
  • Teacup Poodle
  • Teddy Poodle