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Irish Setter Pictures

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A large red Irish Setter dog is sitting in the back seat of a vehicle wearing a seat belt. Its mouth is open and its tongue is out

"This is Bama, a full-blooded Irish Setter. The pictures were taken in Meridian, Mississippi. He is a traveling doggy!! We travel 6 different states in a motor home (our job requires us to do so). Bama is with us 24/7! He loves it! All the different smells are so overwhelming to him. People always ask me, "What kind of dog is that?" He always stops the traffic! He has a wonderful temperament. But he always lets us know when someone is at the door. He is our first Irish Setter and won't be our last! Such a cuddly breed of dog. He is one beautiful dog! His favorite place to go is a farm where we board our 3 horses. There he plays with his best friend, an Australian Shepherd mix named Cookie. He loves to go with us as we ride the horses! His favorite things to do are play, go walking, hiking, riding in the Eclipse car with the top down, run alongside our bikes and horses, jumping, go jogging with me, play chase, play fetch, and best of all, swimming!!! He is very smart, too! I trained him to sit, lie down, stand, shake hands, give me 5, load up (in the bed of a truck, etc.) and stay. Also two of his good tricks are: #1 To jump up and put his front feet on my arm then walk with me on his back legs! So funny! And #2 trick is to "walk pretty!" Meaning he really high steps for me when I put my hand near is mouth and say "walk pretty." He's so awesome when he does this! His favorite treats are: O'l Roy dog bones, treats from the treat bar in PetCo, chicken, cupcakes, birthday cake (because of the buttercream icing!), shrimp tails and rawhide chewies. His favorite toys are anything that squeaks! But his most favorite toy is a squeaky stuffed pheasant. This pic with him seat belted in was funny because he somehow, with the buckle already snapped, weaved himself under the straps. He seemed to say "I'm ready to go!" (he was 5 months in this one.) I am so glad that I had the camera that day! You never know what he will do next, that's what I love so much about this breed!! The word handsome fits him really well. His dislikes are being left back at the motor home or car when we go into stores where doggies are not allowed. And he does not like to be scolded. Also he gets tons of exercise, because I myself am very active. So he gets all the exercise he needs! He is such a happy boy!"

Other Names
  • Irish Red Setter
  • Red Setter
  • sotar rua (Irish for Red Setter)
Action shot - A red Irish Setter is jumping into a body of water.

"Bama the 6-month-old Irish Setter leaping into the water, in Meridian, Mississippi—I worked hard to get this picture. He must've fetched that same stick nearly 20 times before I got this cool shot!! Well worth it and he enjoyed every minute of it!"

A wet red Irish Setter is sitting in grass looking out into the water that is in front of it.

Bama the Irish Setter at 6 months old in Meridian, Mississippi

A wet red Irish Setter is sitting in grass looking to the left in front of a body of water

Bama the Irish Setter at 6 months old going for a swim in Meridian, Mississippi

A red Irish Setter is wearing a red bandana and a prong collar laying on a step with a black iron fence behind it.

Bama the Irish Setter at 10 months old wearing a red bandana

Action shot - A red Irish Setter is wearing a red bandana running across a lawn with a tennis ball in its mouth.

Bama the Irish Setter at 10 months old having fun with a tennis ball

A red Irish Setter is wearing a prong collar with its front paws up on a medal folding chair with a large plastic sliding board and a tool shed behind it

Bama the Irish Setter at 11 months old standing up on a metal chair next to the sliding board

A red Irish Setter has it front paws on a tree stump out in a field. The dog is not wearing a collar.

Bama the Irish Setter at 11 months old standing on a tree stump

A red Irish Setter puppy is in the arm of a person in a white shirt

Callie the Irish Terrier as a young puppy

A red Irish Setter is wearing an american flag bandana sitting on a white surface out in a yard with a wire fence behind it

Fionnula the Irish Setter at 6 years old—both her parents were imported to the U.S. from Ireland. She is sweet, wonderful and very, very funny.

A red Irish Setter is jumped up at a kitchen table with its front paws on the edge. There is a person leaning on a counter facing a table and stools behind it.

"This is Georgia. She is a gorgeous young 8-month-old Irish Setter from Austin, Texas. She is a complete delight to all that meet her. Can be a little bad sometimes, but can’t we all?"

A small red Irish Setter puppy is laying in grass with a silver plastic bowl behind it

Georgia the Irish Setter as a puppy at 6 weeks old

Two panting red Irish Setters are standing in grass in front of a chain link fence that has a white building behind it.

Adult Irish Terriers—Photo courtesy of Gaye Cocoman

A red Irish Setter is laying in grass looking to the left with its mouth parted and tongue showing.

An adult Irish Terrier laying in the grass—Photo courtesy of Gaye Cocoman

A litter of 9 red Irish Setter puppies sittting and laying in front of a gray backdrop.

A litter of Irish Setter puppies—Photos by Thomas and Thomas Studio Bay Village, Ohio—"How Thomas got all of these pups to sit still at one time is beyond me!" Photo Courtesy of Gaye Cocoman

A litter of red Irish Setter puppies sleeping on a gray backdrop. One red Irish setter puppy is awake and trying to grab at a plush dog toy.

However he did it, it sure wore out those little Setters! Photo courtesy of Gaye Cocoman

Close up upper body shot - A red Irish Setter is sleeping on a stone with sand behind it An old graying red Irish Setter is standing on a black top surface

8-year-old Irish Setter at the flea market