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Irish Terrier Pictures

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A brown Irish Terrier is standing on a green carpet at a dog show with a person in front of it holding its lead.

Photo courtesy of Baystone Irish Terriers

Other Names
  • Irish Red Terrier
An Irish Terrier is play bowing in grass and chewing on a stickClose up head shot - An Irish Terrier is sitting next to a brick wall

Maggie & Kate

An Irish Terrier puppy is sitting in grass next to a trophy

This is Nicke sitting beside the club’s agility-trophy maxi class, which he won in 1998. Dog: Fardarrigh Nickel Note, 15 Feb 1996 Owner: Henry Blomqvist, ESPOO, Finland

An Irish Terrier puppy is laying on a carpet with goggles over its face

This is 8-month-old Okerry's Rock of the Cashel aka Rocky.

An Irish Terrier is walking through water with a blue dog bone in its mouth

"Quigley the Irish Terrier swimming (they say that Noah didn't need to take ITs on the ark, they were happier swimming alongside)"