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Information and Pictures

Side view of a long bodied black dog with a long tail standing outside

An adult black Kukkal dog at 3 years old—Photo courtesy of the Anangu-Komba-Conservation Center, Tamil Nadu India

Other Names
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Kuk - Kal


Kukkal is a small sized sight and scent hound Dog. This breed is smaller with good boned legs and paws with a deep chest. Their long tail is equaivalent to their body length, which is a unique characteristics features to be noted in the Kukkal breed. Kukkal is mostly used for guarding as well as being a companion dog, and they also are excellent snake, rat and squirrel hunters and are used in warehouses and farms. This breed can socializes with family members when raised properly but are sometimes cautious to strangers. Kukkal breeds are good and long duration swimmers and can withstand heavy water currents. The Kukkal has a short coat and naturally has various colours, shades and patterns, which is the usual traits of these naturally developed indigenous breeds. The basic colours are Reddish Brown (with or without a black muzzle), Black, Fawn, Brindle (Very rare), and Black with White comnibations are usual and frequent among the Kukkal breed.


The Kukkal is well known for their loyalty, intelligence and good temperament. They are an amazing family dog and are good with children. Overall, they are very sensitive to their surroundings.

Height, Weight

Both the male and female look similar in height and weight.

Height: Male– 10-12 inches (25cm-30 cm). Female– 10-12 inches (25cm-30cm). Body Length: They are a medium sized dog and are quite long for their height.

Weight: Male– 30-40 pounds (14–18kg). Female– 30-40 pounds (14-18kg).

Health Problems

Kukkal Dogs are highly adoptable to a wide range of climates and have good immunity. They do not often have health issues.

Living Conditions

They are highly adaptable to apartment life and can do well in both farmlands and in a house with a fenced in yard. They are adorable and friendly with children.


This breed requires daily walks and they love swimming. Other excersise is not madatory.

Life Expectancy

18-20 years.

Litter Size

On average, they have 5 healthy puppies.


Grooming and bathing should be done once a week as their fur does not shed that much.


Ramanathapuram District of Tamil Nadu State, India.


Guarding and companion

  • AKCC - Anangu Komba Conservation Center