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The Love of Lap Dogs

A lady in a red shirt sitting on a red chair has a red Wirehaired Vizsla on top of her lap in a living room.

Who says big dogs can't be lap dogs? Harry the Wirehaired Vizsla

A lady is sleeping on a red couch and on top of her is a red Dachshund dog and next to her is a second sleeping red Dachshund dog.

I am a Dachsie lover; this is me and my two. Fuji, a standard with his head on my tummy and Sepia, a miniature curled up next to me in the chair.

A large black Lab Pointer is sitting in the lap of a lady sitting at a kitchen table

Hey... Who says lap dogs have to be small??? Sebastian the black Lab / Pointer mix

Two small dogs on a couch - A black with tan Miniature Schnauzer is laying on the back of a large couch pillow cushion and next to it is a white Maltese.

This is Dexter the 4-month-old Miniature Schnauzer (left) with his best friend Percy the 4-year-old Maltese (right).

A lady in pink pajamas is sitting behind a Great Dane that is also sitting in the chair with her. The dog is larger than the lady.

Rosy the Great Dane :)

Be careful not to let your little lap dog fall victim to Small Dog Syndrome. It can really wreak havoc on a dog’s temperament.