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Mountain Cur Pictures

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A serious looking man dressed in hunting clothes is sternly looking forward as he is posing a brown brindle with white Mountain Cur in a show stack on a table in front of a red door on a porch.

"This is Hank on the bench. He is an OMCBA-reg. Mountain Cur dog. He has a very good temperament with people, including kids. Great with other dogs and loves to play. However, when the hunt is on he is a totally different dog. I call him a fur dog, because no matter what the game, he wants to chase it.

A red with white Mountain Cur dog is jumping up against the side of a tree and barking. There is another dog behind it preparing to jump.

"Hank and his buddy have very good treeing instincts and are all-around good dogs. Hank is 2 years old.

A red with white Mountain Cur is being posed in a stack on a table by a man dressed like a hunter standing behind it. They are outside on a porch with a red door behind them.

"The dark yellow dog is also an OMCBA-Reg. Cur. He is the same way, just looks different."

Left Profile - A tan Mountain Cur dog is standing on a table outside on the side of a white house with a person standing behind it.

Renegade the Mountain Cur