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Dogs Named Rascal

View from the top looking down at the dog - A black with white Miniature Schnauzer/Cocker Spaniel mix is standing in grass.

Rascal the Schnocker (Miniature Schnauzer / Cocker Spaniel hybrid dog)"I found this little guy in the middle of the road. He seemed lost and afraid so I brought him home so he wouldn't get hit by a car. He has been my little shadow ever since. He is a very sweet, cuddly dog and a complete mooch. He is also very smart and quick to learn. He escaped one day about 2 months after I found him and went back to his old home. They called me and told me his story and told me to keep him. They said his mom was a Cocker Spaniel and his dad was a Mini Schnauzer. Something interesting about him is he was the only dog with short hair in the litter! He is only one year old. I was happy to learn what he was. He is a great dog. He is very athletic, too; he can jump straight up the back of the couch and likes to jump straight up into the air just to kiss my face. He can jump over a fence, too, which I think is why his owners gave him up. I can definitely see both the Cocker and the Schnauzer in his personality; he is the perfect mix between the two."

A large breed, tan with black Boxweiler dog is sitting on a tan carpet and it is looking up. There is a couch behind it.

Rascal, an F2 (second generation) Boxweiler, meaning Rascal's parents were both Boxweilers. Rascal is Bear's son. Bear is a Boxer / Rottie mix (F1 first generation hybrid) and was bred to another F1 first generation Boxer / Rottie hybrid.

A fluffy, white with tan and black Zuchon puppy is laying on a blue bed. It looks happy with its mouth open and there is a person laying next to it.

"This is Rascal the Zuchon (Bichon / Shih Tzu mix) puppy at 4 months old. He enjoys taking long walks and meeting new friends at the park. He also loves lots of attention and when people say how cute he is. Some of his favorite things to play with are cardboard, any kind of paper products and socks. He is always in a great mood, but can be a rascal at times."

Close up view from the front - A brown Chesador puppy with big paws is laying down on a carpet and a person is moving their hand to touch it.

"Princess Baby Rascal is registered through the American Canine Hybrid Club as a Chesador. She is a fun-loving dog with a very eager-to-learn attitude. She is very smart. Housebroken at 3 months. At 5 months she will retrieve. Also she is very calm around children. Her dad is Chesapeake Bay Retriever and mom is a Labrador Retriever."

View from the top looking down at the dog - A scuffy-coated, white Westi-poo dog is sitting on a wooden porch. It is looking up and its mouth is open and tongue is out.

"This is Rascal, a Westipoo at 1 year old! He is the sweetest little dog ever and he is full of energy!"

Front side view - A wavy coated, brown with white Pudelpointer dog is sitting in tall brown grass and it is looking to the left. Its mouth is open and tongue is out.

Rascal the Pudelpointer

Two Miniature Pinscher/Rat Terrier mixes are sitting belly-out on a person's lap. The person is wearing blue jeans and a white shirt and has a hand on each puppy.

Pumpkin and Rascal, 2 energetic 9-week-old sisters are Miniature Pinscher and Rat Terrier mixes. (American Rat Pinschers also known as Rat-A-Pins.)