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Information and Pictures

A short coated, tall, tan dog with a long tail and ears that bend up and out to the sides with a black nose and dark eyes standing up looking behind herself

A drawing of a purebred Pandikona.

Other Names
  • Indian Doberman

The Pandikona is a medium to large size dog that can come in many different colors although the most popular is fawn or light brown. Their ears are large and pointed and some tend to droop or fall down. They have thick tails that tend to be in a upward position when resting and they tend to curl at the end. They have longer muscular legs that help them when hunting and running. Their muzzles are medium length and come to a slight point at the end, toward their nose.


Pandikona are known to be brave and fearless hunters can are said to be territorial. They are loyal to their owner and are said to be great around children. Because they have such strong hunting instincts, they are a more difficult breed to train and not many people own them as pets.

Height, Weight

Weight: --

Height: Males: 20—26 inches (50-66 cm)

Height: Females: 19—24 inches (48-61 cm)

Health Problems

Pandikona are very hardy and are not known to have many health issues. Like any other medium to large size dog, be sure to keep an eye out for joint related issues such as hip dysplasia.

Living Conditions

Pandikona are not known to be fully domesticated and often live outside. They need a lot of space to run and wonder around and are able to take care of themselves because of their strong hunting instincts.


Pandikona are very energetic and need to have plenty of space to run and explore. They are highly active dogs and need a lot of exercise. Where they live in India, they are mostly let loose to walk around wherever they want.

Life Expectancy

About 10 to 15 years

Litter Size

About 4 to 7 puppies


Pandikona are short haired and therefore require little grooming. Bathe them when necessary.


Pandikona dogs are only found in a small village called Pandikona in India. They live in the Kurnool district of India where it tends to have very dry air and little rain. No one is certain when these dogs came into existence as they bred on their own and are very independent. Since they are friendly towards humans, they have been used as guard dogs for families in the small village. They tend to live on their own although some families take care of them. They are a rare dog breed and are expected to go extinct in the near future.



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A shorthaired, tall, tan dog with large prick ears, dark eyes and a dark nose sitting down

A drawing of a purebred Pandikona.