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Cimarron Uruguayo

Information and Pictures

Two large breed tan dogs with rounded ears, wide faces, large black noses and almond shaped eyes standing outside in tall grass

Picture courtesy of Cerberus Illusion kennel

Other Names
  • Cimarrón Uruguayo
  • Cimarron
  • Cimarron Creole
  • Cimarron Dog
  • Perro Cimarron
  • Perro Criollo
  • Perro Gaucho
  • Maroon Dog
  • Cerro Largo Dog
  • Uruguayan Cimarron
  • Uruguayan Gaucho Dog

This breed is medium height, around 22-25 inches tall and can weigh anywhere between 75-100 lbs. Their fur is short and straight, ranging from black, brown, tan, or brindle in color. A combination of short pointed ears, a wide head, and a broad nose make this dog unique to any other. They are broad chested and strong muscled with almond shaped eyes.


Loyal to their pack and family, these dogs are usually calm, cool, and collected. They are intelligent dogs who rarely bark and can sometimes be wary of strangers. The Cimarron Uruguayo is kind and friendly toward children, especially if trained when they are puppies. In order to ensure they are calm around other dogs or small animals, it is recommended to socialize this breed at a young age.

Height, Weight

Height: Males: 23-24 inches (58-61 cm with a 2 cm tolerance)

Height: Females: 22-23 inches (55-58 cm with a 2 cm tolerance)

Weight: Males: 84-99 pounds (38-45 kg)

Weight: Females: 73-88 pounds (33-40 kg)

Health Problems

Although there has not been research dedicated specifically to the Cimarron Uruguayo, breeds similar to this one may be prone to hip dysplasia and or bloating, so be sure to check for both.

Living Conditions

They would enjoy a large yard or area to run and play, but with enough exercise can do well in an apartment or flat. This dog is perfect for anyone looking for an exercise or active partner or seeking a guard dog for a farm or ranch.


As a high energy, intelligent dog, the Cimarron Uruguayo needs plenty of attention and exercise. Daily walks are crucial as well as mental stimulation such as learning or performing tricks. Because these dogs are commonly used as guard dogs on farms and ranches, it makes sense that these dogs need space to run and play.

Life Expectancy

About 10-14 years

Litter Size

About 4-10 puppies


The Cimarron Uruguayo does not need special attention in grooming because of their short coat. Brushing is not needed on a daily or even weekly basis. Wash or bathe with gentle shampoo when needed.


Descendants of the Spanish Mastiff, the Cimarron Uruguayo was originally found in Uruguay, brought over by European settlers and traders in the 17th century. These dogs were let loose to live in the wild and eventually, they began to rapidly multiply in numbers. In order to control the over populated breed from attacking needed livestock, the government paid bounties to hunt the Cimarron Uruguayo. This popular breed was soon adopted by ranchers and farmers who trained these dogs as guards, hunters, and fighting dogs. Not too long after, the Cimarron Uruguayo was named the mascot for the National Army of Uruguay.




DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.

FCI = Fédération Cynologique Internationale

Front view - A tan with black and white Cimarron Uruguayo puppy is sitting on a carpet and there is an open window behind it.

This is Mate the 4-week-old Cimarron Uruguayo puppy from Uruguay.

A large breed brindle puppy with wide round eyes, a large black nose and ears that hang down to the sides sitting down

Picture courtesy of Cerberus Illusion kennel

Two large brindle dogs with smiles on their faces laying down in a living room with toys around them

Picture courtesy of Cerberus Illusion kennel

A large breed tan brindle puppy with a large head, a wide chest and big paws sitting down in grass looking up

Picture courtesy of Cerberus Illusion kennel

Side view of a brown brindle dog with a long tail and ears that hang down to the sides standing in grass looking at her handler

Picture courtesy of Cerberus Illusion kennel

A large, muscular breed brown brindle dog with a wide chest, large head, brown eyes and a thick neck sitting down outside in front of tall grass

Picture courtesy of Cerberus Illusion kennel

Front view head shot of a tan dog with cropped rounded ears and a brown brindle dog with natural ears outside looking happy

Picture courtesy of Cerberus Illusion kennel

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