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Keeping Sheep as Pets

Information and Pictures

A sheep is standing outside in grass grazing.
A Lamb is standing in grass next to a Lamb that is laying in grass. They are looking out of a wire fence in front of them. There is a barn's stone wall behind them.


A Lamb is standing on a tin roof and next to it, is a Great Pyrenees dog that is sitting on the roof.

This lamb named Krissy has taken a liking to Tacoma the Great Pyrenees.

A Great Pyrenees dog is running across a field and chasing behind it is a Lamb.

Wait for me!

Close up - A Lamb is standing on grass and it is looking forward. To the left of the Lamb is a Great Pyrenees dog that is looking to the right.

They are newly found best buddies!

Right Profile - A Sheep is drinking water out of a well. Right Profile - A Sheep is standing in grass eating. A mother sheep standing with her baby lamb next to a white stone wall in a barn stall

Krissy had a baby! Meet Fargo the lamb!

A mother sheep is standing next to a stone wall. There is a baby lamb under her eating out of a metal bowl

Krissy and her new baby, Fargo

Close Up head shot - baby lamb laying down in hay inside of a stone barn stall.

Fargo at one day old

A sheep is standing in front of a stone wall looking back to see what is behind her


A mother sheep is putting her head on the back of a little lamb who is next to her

Krissy and Fargo

Close Up - The face of an adult sheep inside of a barn stall


A shaved lamb is standing in a barn. A Baby Lamb is laying against a wall. All of the wool is in a pile next to them

Krissy was just sheered. Notice all of the wool next to her. Her baby lamb, Fargo is lying against the cool stone wall of the barn.

A shaved Lamb is standing in front of a silver bowl. There is a white Great Pyrenees in front of a barn behind her. The dog's mouth is open and his tongue is out

Krissy the sheep after she was just sheered, with Taco the Great Pyrenees in back