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Scorkie Pictures

Scottish Terrier / Yorkshire Terrier Mixed Breed Dogs

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A long haired black dog yawning with her eyes closed and pink tongue sticking out.

Gabbi the Scorkie at 7 years old old

Other Names
  • Scorkie Terrier
Close up - A black with white Scorkie puppy is sitting on a blanket, it is looking up and its mouth is open. It has a purple and green ribbon in its hair. Its eyes are glowing blue.

Gabbi the Scorkie puppy at 10 weeks old

A black Scorkie puppy is sleeping belly up on a blue blanket.

Milo the Scottie / Yorkie mix breed (Scorkie) as a young puppy sleeping on his back

Close up front view - A black with white Scorkie puppy is laying across a blanket and it is looking to the left. It has frilly ribbons in its hair.

Gabbi the Scorkie puppy at 5 months old

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