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Sharp Eagle Pictures

Beagle / Shar-Pei Mixed Breed Dogs

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Side view - A tan Sharp Eagle is laying against the arm of a blue chair looking forward.

Xena the Sharp Eagle (Beagle / Shar-Pei mix) at 1 year old, weighing 20 pounds—"She is super sweet, but super playful!"

Other Names
  • Sharpeagle
A red Sharp Eagle is laying on a hot pink blanket looking forward. It has a brown plush teddy bear toy between its front paws.

"Lexi is a Sharp Eagle (Beagle / Shar-Pei mix) who weighed 22 pounds at 10 months old. She is very playful, energetic and cuddly. We take Lexi to the dog park where she loves to play with all the dogs twice her size and be the first to say "hi" to dogs coming into the park. It has been a little difficult to train Lexi since she is so curious of everything around her, but once she learns, she doesn't forget. The biggest problem we've had is walking. Because of Lexi's Beagle nose, she'd rather pull and smell instead of have a relaxed, enjoyable walk but we watch the Dog Whisperer (Lexi loves to watch TV) and have been using his techniques to teach Lexi how to walk and to show her that my husband and I are "pack leaders." This picture is of Lexi when she was about seven or eight months old."

Side view - A tan Sharp Eagle dog is laying on a blanket on top of a rug looking forward.

Tye the Sharp Eagle (Shar Pei / Beagle mix)

Front view - A small tan Sharp Eagle puppy is laying in the arms of a person in a grey sweater.

Snickers the Shar Pei / Beagle mix as a young puppy

A fawn and white dog with a large black noes and brown droopy eyes standing in a kitchen

Louie the Shar Pei / Beagle mix breed dog (Sharp Eagle) as a puppy at 9 months old—"Louie is highly intelligent and protective of his family. He loves children and considers himself their guardian. He has tremendous energy and strength. He is a very loving dog!!"

A tan and white dog laying down on his side on a tan carpet

Louie the Shar Pei / Beagle mix breed dog (Sharp Eagle) as a puppy at 9 months old

A large tan and white dog with a symmetrical face and small ears that hang to the sides sitting down inside a house looking out a glass door window

Louie the Shar Pei / Beagle mix breed dog (Sharp Eagle) as a puppy at 9 months old