The words Dog Breed Info with the letter D inside of a black paw print

Why do dogs shake?

The back left side of a black with tan Shepherd mix that is shaking itself dry outside in grass. There is water flying through the air.

Dogs do not have hands. They cannot grab a towel and dry or brush themselves off. What's a dog to do?


A compilation of images that show a dog shaking itself clean of dirt.

The rapid movement of the skin twisting and turning throws the dirt or water off of the dog into the air. This twisting movement usually starts at the head working its way down the back to the tip of the tail. What a refreshing feeling for the dog, but beware, if you are too close to your dog, whatever it is that is coming off the dog just may land on YOU!—Photos taken by Emily Tiscarenio

action shot - The front right side of a Shiloh Shepherd that is shaking itself clean of mud.

Bowie the Shiloh Shepherd shaking off right after he caked himself in mud on a hot summer day.