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Whelping and Raising Puppies

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A Torkie dog laying in a whelping box and nursing a litter of puppies.

Ms. Foxy and her puppies—"I answered an ad on craigslist for a litter of mixed Pug puppies. I was curious so I went out and took a look. They of course were adorable, with their puppy breath and sweet kisses. As I was talking to the owners a little Yorkie girl walked into the room. She was very tangled, has lots of fleas and smelled like she needed a bath.

I asked about her. The man replied of we are down sizing (puppy mill) and she has got to go. I pleaded with them to give her to me. They were looking for "donations" for their pups. I offered $40 and they jumped on it. Foxy was her name. She was so malnutritioned and in need of love and tenderness. She was scared at first, but after I cleaned her up, trimmed her hair and nails and gave her some quality food, she perked right up. I was in love instantly. Well as the month went along, Ms. Foxy was gaining weight rapidly. And by June 1st I realized she was expecting. And GOD only knows who the daddy is. We watched her closely and babied her just as I do my children. She slept in the bed by me every night. On July 1st, labor set in. We had prepared a whelping box and had all the needed supplies. I had visited your web sight daily if not several times daily. I learned so much from it. I didn't even know what whelping meant nor had I heard of a whelping box. The first pup, who was the biggest, was a dry birth. Foxy was in a lot of pain. I had to apply lubrication on my finger and help him out. I saw his face and she was pushing, so I helped her along. He found my finger and started suckling on it and I just cried. He came out about 20 seconds later. After that his 6 brothers and sister followed. They were all much easier and came very fast. Foxy has proven to be a wonderful mom. I am in love with all the babies and have no idea how I could ever part with even one. Foxy has blessed our lives so much in the short time that we have had her and I look forward to watching the litter grow and develop. I thank you so much for having this web site. I learned so much and continue learning daily, as I visit you daily. GOD bless and please keep posting." Mary Jo in North Carolina Proud mommy to Ms. Foxy and family.

A tan Yorkie mother dog is standing in a  wooden whelping box with a black and white leopard striped blanket in it with a litter of puppies nursing from her.

Ms. Foxy and her 25 day old puppies—"This is an update on our surprise from Mama Foxy. All 7 puppies are thriving and are so very smart. Today is their 25th day here on planet earth and we have started using a potty training method I found here on your wonderful website. This website has pretty much been my puppy bible these last few months. I can't thank you enough for all your stories, ideas and your knowledge of our canine furry friends and family. Without YOU my puppies and mom would have died. Thank you and GOD bless, from Mama Foxy. Mary Jo and 7 of the sweetest and most wonderful, smart, beautiful puppies in North Carolina!"

Top down view of a litter of puppies standing in the potty area of a whelping box on top of a pee pad.

Puppies at 25 days old in the potty area of their whelping box

A brown Yorkie dam is standing in front of a door in a whelping box on top of a pee pad and behind it is a puppy sniffing its side.

Ms. Foxy and her 25 day old puppies

A tan Yorkie mother dog is walking through a door in a wooden whelping box with her puppies in the section next to her.

Ms. Foxy and her 25 day old puppies

A litter of puppies are gathered in the corner of a whelping box on top of a black and white striped leopard blanket.

Ms. Foxy and her 25 day old puppies

Lola the Yorkshire Terrier Having Puppies

Top down view of the very large swollen belly of a brown and black Yorkshire Terrier dog laying on its back on a leather couch.

Lola, 63-day pregnant Yorkshire Terrier dam pictured just before giving birth.

The backside of a brown and black Yorkshire Terrier female dog.

Lola is having a contraction; puppy is going down to the birth canal.

A puppy sac is beginning to present itself out of the back end of a brown and black Yorkshire Terrier dog.

The sac is beginning to present itself.

Close up - A puppy inside of a sac still in a dam.

Close up of the sac is beginning to present itself.

Close up - A puppy in a sac coming out of the back end of a dog. The puppy is visible in the sac.

Head out (you can see ears at the bottom of the sac).

Close up - A puppy in a sac coming out of a female dog. The puppy is approximately 60% out.

Same puppy—all out still inside the sack.

A newly born puppy inside of a sac on top of a towel and laying next to the dam. The puppy is all wet.

A newborn puppy still inside the sac

A small wet black and tan puppy nursing from its mother on top of a leopard print cushion.

Yorkie puppy just born and getting its first taste of mommy's milk.

Topdown view of a wet black Yorkie puppy laying across a towel and nursing.

Second Yorkie puppy just born nursing from her mother.

A person is holding a placenta in there hand and letting a dog eat it.

In the third stage of labor the dam will deliver the placenta. There will be one placenta per puppy. Usually the dam will deliver one puppy followed by a placenta. Keep track of the placentas because sometimes a dam will not have them in this order. For example some may have two puppies and then two placentas. This is a Yorkshire Terrier dam eating the placenta. Eating the placenta after birth is a normal instinct for many animals. Dogs and cats both do this. The animals like it, but eating too many placentas may cause diarrhea or vomiting, so if you have a large litter you may want to remove some of the placentas to prevent this from happening.

A person is holding a newly born tiny black and tan with white puppy in the air. The puppy has a pink nose and tiny perk ears.

Newborn Yorkshire Terrier puppy, one hour old.

A litter of newly born black and tan puppies are nursing.

All four healthy puppies, three days after birth

A black with brown Yorkie dog with a pink bow in her hair is laying in the back of a whelping box and nursing four puppies.

Lola, a Yorkie dam, with her four healthy puppies one week after birth

A litter of black, tan with white Yorkie puppies are laying in a wicker basket.

Lola's Yorkshire Terrier puppies at three weeks old.

A long-haired, tan Peke-A-Chon is laying across a heavily blanketed surface and it is nursing a litter of puppies.

"Mommy Mya is a 4-year-old Peke-a-Chon who gave birth to 5 little puppies. They were born a couple days early. On Thanksgiving Sunday of all days!!! Three of the five pups are running, playing and growing healthy :) The father of the puppies is a neighbor's cute 3-year-old purebred Mini Dachshund named Rusty :) I wanted to share the photos of the adorable babies Mommy Mya. This is her first litter and was not a planned pregnancy. They are adorable. xoxox"

Whelping and Raising Puppies Picture Pages

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