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Anatolian Shepherd Dog Pictures

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Two Anatolian Shepherds are sitting and laying on a concrete surface. One is looking forward and the other is looking to the right.

Photo courtesy of Alaturka Anatolians

Other Names
  • Coban Kopegi
  • Karabas
  • Perro de pastor de Anatolia
  • Anatolischer Hirtenhund
  • Chien de berger d'Anatolie
Close Up - The left side of a tri-color Anatolian Shepherd that is wearing a bandana with the name 'Missy' on it. It is laying down in front of pillows.

"Missy, an Anatolian Shepherd Dog at 3 years old is a fawn pinto with a black mask."

The face of a tan Anatolian Shepherd that has its head between two leather couch cushions.

Male Anatolian Woodyacres Cenk Koda aka Koda at 18 months old— "Koda is standing behind the couch in this photo. He's a little over 30 inches tall at the shoulders and weighs 130 pounds."

Topdown view of the right side of a brindle Anatolian Shepherd that is laying in a grass with a dog bone and it is looking up.

"Caboose is a brindle Anatolian Shepherd and is 4 months and 50 lbs. in these pictures. He came from a kill shelter in New Mexico in a litter of seven and was the only brindle. After a few weeks in foster care he became a foster fail and is living happily with other foster fails learning good manners and bad manners like eating out of the litter box."

Close up - A brindle Anatolian Shepherd is laying in grass and chewing on a dog bone

"He is a stubborn breed and it takes a lot of repentance to learn things and is already showing classic Anatolian instincts by barking at the neighbor’s kids when they come over because they aren't normally there and is letting us know. Smart and independent and goofball define Caboose."

The left side of a tan Anatolian Shepherd that is standing on a lawn with a person standing behind it.

Photo courtesy of Alaturka Anatolians