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Turnip Storage

Animal Crossing New Horizons by Nintendo

Aries on the beach holding a make shift fishing rod buying from Daisy Mae the turnip dealer

Playing the stalk market can be fun and frustrating all at the same time. You can purchase turnips from Daisy Mae the boar who will be wondering around your island every Sunday morning between 5:00am and 12:00pm (noon). She walks around with a turbine of turnips on her head. When you purchase the turnips from her she magically pulls them from her apparently very large hidden pockets and hands them to you.

Daisy Mae has a booger snot hanging from her nose, and if you pay attention you might catch her occasional sneeze with your own eyes. Otherwise you will have to take my word for it. You have a week to sell your turnips before they start to rot. The goal is to sell them for more than you bought them for, making yourself some profit.

Sharon in front of her log cabin home next to rotton turnips with ants crawing on them

Rotten turnips are good for nothing except catching flies and ants, which you can donate to your local museum or sell at your local store making some pocket change. You would have to sell a lot of ants and flies to break even on your investment.

Once you purchase your turnips you need to store them somewhere. You cannot store them in your typical storage inside your home and keeping them in your pockets can be a major inconvenience to your daily game play as you have limited pocket space.

On my Chunkamunk Island game I like to store my turnips behind my campsite tent. When someone is camping you cannot see them and the space is otherwise unused.

Aries standing behind her house looking at a bunch of turnips

On my Island of Orion I was storing my turnips outside behind my house until I noticed it was lowering my island rating. I was a 5 star island and after placing 10 bunches of turnips on the ground my score immediately lowered to a 4 star. If this were real life that would be creepy. I mean who is watching with the power to influance an entire planet that visiting my island is now not as appealing based on where I drop a bunch of vegetables?

Aries asking Isabelle for an island evaluation score

Isabell told me that there was a small complaint. I had too many items of a certain kind laying around. I picked up my turnips, changing nothing else and immediately returned back to Isabell asking for her wisdom. She informed me my island score was once again at a 5 star rating. After much testing it was indeed my turnips that were the cause of my lower island score. I believe there is something about how many items can be in a certain square footage.

Since you cannot store your turnips in your home storage you could put them inside your house on the floor. But here is the thing, every Sunday morning your home gets ranked by the Happy Home Society. Just like the rating of your island, who gets to decide what makes a home happy? And just how does the society know what the inside of your house looks like since you have never actually invited them over.

Somehow I don’t think the Happy Home Society would appreciate someone having turnips laying all over the house, but that’s an unconfirmed statement. It seems every facet of the game has their own agenda. Yours, to make a profit on your investment and theirs to judge your homes comforts with the motive of making you happy living on your isolated island.

If you have other players visiting your island, they can steal your turnips. So make sure you fully trust your visitors.

One would think the game would make storing your investment easier, but hey, if working the stalk market were easy everyone would be doing it and that would drive the profits down in the zero sum game on stalk street.

Bottom line is, where you store your turnips matters.

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